R.N.E.B.A at HMS Collingwood
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Last update Nov 2009

On the 6th June 2009 the Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association set out it’s stall during the Open Day at HMS Collingwood, near Fareham, Hampshire

The objectives of this stall were to bring to a wider audience the existence of the RNEBA, and hopefully recruit new members at the spiritual home of the RN Electrical branch, and fund raising

Both objectives were achieved with knobs on, in addition everyone enjoyed themselves. Full results will be promulgated in the next Newsletter

Here are some

First arrival at our pitch

The evolution begins

Nearly there

Roof goes on

Set up & ready to go

General view

Our site

Crowds flock in

Parachutist drops in

Duty EM at work

Duty Chief looks on Duty EM

pictures of our stall at HMS Collingwood, click for larger

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